Purchase guide

In order to carry out a purchase, it is necessary to follow online procedure carefully. Modena Volley is reserving themselves the right to refuse or cancel an order in case of doubts concerning veracity – incomplete or contradictory personal data, payment defaults in previous payments, doubt concerning credit card authenticity – or in case of products unavailability. The communication about order rejection or cancellation (by email or phone) may not be timely and may occur even following a later contact by the Customer.

Purchase guide

Consulting Modena Volley Store, it is possible at any time, inside product data sheet – previously selecting Italian or English language – to insert desired item into the “cart”, by choosing its features and quantity (predefined quantity is 1) and then by clicking on cart button. It is possible to require a customised autograph on the shirt with a minimal additional cost.

In order to purchase an additional item, it is sufficient to repeat the same operation. Selected product will be added to the cart and items quantity in the cart and total price will be updated; these data are visible in any Website page in the cart reserved area at top right, above head picture.

Clicking on the “cart” writing, it is possible to visualise a cart resume and access products payment; this procedure can be cancelled at any time up to point 4) below.

Steps to complete the order are following:

  • Order resume: in this mask it is possible to delete items from the cart or modify their quantities. The button “Procede with order” is bringing to next step.
  • Personal data: data for order acquisition, for fiscal documents release and for the shipment of the items in the cart are required; obligatory fields to be filled-in are indicated by an asterisk; the button "Procede with order" is bringing to next step.
  • Shipment and payment: payment condition to be used for the order is required and shipment costs are shown.
  • Acknowledgement of order: all acquired data are recapped in a single table; in the table also shipment costs are shown based on total order amount and destination; if shown data are correct, payment by credit card or by anticipated bank transfer is accessed by clicking on the button “Confirm order”.
  • Payment by credit card: it can be done directly on our site thanks to the Stripe platform that provides the Plug in for payment by credit card or on the page that is directly supplied by PayPal platform dealing with payment receipt for www.modenavolley.it Website; connection is encrypted with TLS (Transport Layer Security) technology and so it is totally secure; no data about credit card used for payment is transmitted to www.modenavolley.it Website, after inserting credit card data, by clicking on the button "Pay", the order is executed and two emails are sent to the email address indicated at point 2: the mail concerning bank transfer execution; the mail concerning executed order.
  • Payment by bank transfer: pay by a bank transfer headed to following bank:
    Via Amendola 474, I-41125 Modena
    IBAN IT85R0538712902000002122880
    Modena Volley Punto Zero SSDRL
    Both bank transfers from traditional and online banks are accepted. It is necessary to specify the reason for payment as the order number assigned by the Website. Shipment of products will be carried out immediately after due amount is credited on our bank account and an email from you is received by the address  store@modenavolley.it  with bank transfer final data (by clearly indicating order reference, name and surname, email address), in order to allow us to check bank crediting.

Purchasing procedure can be interrupted at any time with no consequences. Order number included in email receipt shall be used as reference for any supporting request to our Customer Service, by contacting  store@modenavolley.it